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TnP Accessories Ab Roller Abdominal Wheel Exerciser Using an Ab Roller to get a flat stomach is just one of the reason to use it.
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TNP Accessories Ab Roller

Using an Ab Roller to get a flat stomach is just one of the reason to use it. An ab roller can also be used to improve your health, not just your looks. If your exercise with an ab roller, you stand to develop stronger abdominal muscles, and these are vital to your health. In the case of major back pain, for instance, a lack of strong abdominal muscles is oftentimes a significant, contributing factor. Simple exercise, like crunches on the floor, can sometimes cause pain for those trying to do them. An Ab roller becomes one of the remaining alternatives.

Familiar Yourself With An Ab Roller

Before you try to use an Ab Roller, make sure that you know exactly what it is and what you will be using if for. An Ab Roller is solely a simple exercise equipment that is meant to help you perform ab exercise while keeping a good form. It's a curved frame in which you lie with your head on a pad, and your elbows on two more pads. Then, you extend your upper body by rolling the ab roller on the floor until you are stretched out. You then contract your abdominal muscles by pushing yourself up off the floor until you are in your starting position again. This constitutes one repetition of an exercise.


•Ab Roller for core strengthening

•Tone abdominal, oblique and core muscles

•Target your abdominal muscles in one easy action

•Integrated padded head rest for increased comfort

•Package Size: 33x16.5x66.5cm appox

•Assembly Dimension: 81(L)cm x 74(w)cm x 56(H)cmNet Weight: 3.5 Kg


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