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TNP Accessories pads with Pressure point Propeller membrane dome technology PTM Dome™ Pads. This feature makes the pads bind with your hands, and it gives you more control. It stabilizes the Pads and spreads the pressure evenly to the entire strike area. TNP Curved pads made of Rex Leather. The pads has a high potency foam inside which ensures that maximum absorption of shock is obtained which keeping the pad light weight. The back has a soft Rex Leather glove with a comfort holding. Hook-and-Loop wrist Strap for secure fit (Comes in Pair).

The set comes with one size fits all authentic TNP Accessories Anatomic design perfect fit polyurethane constructed bag mitts Padded with injection-molded multi-layered Gel foam. It offers maximum hand protection with moisture wicking Taffeta inner lining. Double Velcro fastening with 10” Long, 2.5" wide wrap around strap with eyelet for tight fit, additional comfort and better wrist control.

The quality of the product has made it the choice of professionals and that is the reason we are supplying these to world class health clubs, gyms and eBay users.


  • TNP offers Pressure point  design Curved Pads
  • Pressure point Propeller membrane dome technology PTM Dome™ Pads
  • Hook-and-Loop wrist Strap for secure fit (Comes in Pair)
  • Polyurethane constructed bag mitts offer maximum protection
  • Ideal for boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and cardio classes

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