Aerobic Exercise Stepper + Jump Rope + 3kg Aerobic Bar

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TnP Accessories Aerobic Stepper - 68V Step 68cm Black/Red

This stepper helps you to tone your body and provides with a full workout. YOu can use it for alterating lunges, which can target your gluts and hamstrings and tone them. This aerobic balance board is the ideal tool to help boost your workout routine and lose weight. The aerobic balance board can also be used to do push ups and cal help you to strengthen your chest and back. The TNP Accessories Aerobic Stepper has a non-slip surface so that you can workout safely. It had an adjustable height that can be set as per your convenience. It is perfect for Step aerobic workout and offer stability.

•Training for Endurance, Strength or Rehabilitation Exercises
•Non-Slip Surface
•Easily Adjustable via Click System

•Training of Hip, Thigh and Buttock Muscles
•Easily Transported and Stored
•Rubber Feet Prevent Noise
•Material: Plastic


•Size: 68cm x 27cm
•Height Adjustable: 10cm or 15cm
•Step Height: 10cm (Lowest) or 15cm (Max Height)
•Lightweight: 2.5kg

TNP Accessories Cotton Skipping Rope

An effective, easy and fun way to optimise cardiovascular conditioning while maximising coordination, agility, timing and endurance. Jumping rope tones muscles in the entire body can burn unto 1,000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible.

  • STRENGTH & TONE (muscle while increasing cardiovascular health)
  • Aerobic Activity: Increase endurance, promote weight loss
  • Strength Training: Increase muscle, add definition
  • Core Boost: Strength core muscle groups, boost performance
  • Fit Flexibility: Enhance flexibility, improve balance
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