Interlocking EVA Soft Foam Floor Mats - Pack of 24

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Shop TnP Accessories Interlocking Gym Floor Mats 24 Pack for sale online with free UK delivery. These soft foam EVA floor mats are perfect for protecting the flooring in your home gym by adding padding that will absorb the impact from dumbbells and weight plates. Shop today, available in multiple sizes and packs!
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TnP Accessories Interlocking Mat

The TNP Accessories Interlocking Floor Mats are ideal for placement under exercise equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, benches etc. Made from quality grade EVA, each of the 4 mats are 60cm x 60cm and are interlocking (like a jigsaw) They are 1.0cm in depth. Not only are they ideal for placement underneath exercise equipment, they are ideal for putting underneath washing machines, tumble dryers etc.


• 100% Waterproof  • Anti-Slip Patterned Finish  • Non-slip, Water Resistant and Easy to Clean  • Tear Resistant  • Interlocking Design  • Reduces Noise and Provide a Firm Shock-Absorbing Surface  • Easy to Expand Area Coverage by Adding More Mats  • Brand: TNP Accessories  • Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 1cm x 4pcs  • Colour: Black  • Main Material: EVA  • Packed Weight: 1.5kg


1 Box = 4 Pcs = 16 Sq. Ft
2 Box = 8 Pcs = 32 Sq. Ft
3 Box = 12 Pcs = 48 Sq. Ft
4 Box = 16 Pcs = 64 Sq. Ft
5 Box = 20 Pcs = 80 Sq. Ft
6 Box = 24 Pcs = 96 Sq. Ft
7 Box = 28 Pcs = 112 Sq. Ft
8 Box = 32 Pcs = 128 Sq. Ft
9 Box = 36 Pcs = 114 Sq. Ft
10 Box = 40 Pcs = 160 Sq. Ft
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