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Squat Stand 1 Inch 60kg Barbell Set - Good Price Combo





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TNP Accessories Power Rack + Barbell Set is the most important piece of gym equipment. But many gyms don't have one. Building a home gym is often the only solution. 

TNP Accessories Power Rack + 1" Barbell Set 60Kg

Free weights build more muscle and strength than machines.

  • Safety: Power Racks have lateral safety pins to catch the barbell in case something goes wrong. You can lift safetly without a spotter.
  • Easier: Squats are key to building muscle and strength. But without Power Rack you'll struggle to get the bar on your back for Squats.
  • Versatile: Tons of exercise you can do: Squat, Bench Press, Inverted Rows and many more. 


  • Condition: New
  • Multi functions: Squat, Bench Press, Inverted Rows, Pulls-Ups and many more
  • Black high grade power coating
  • 2" guage steel frame
  • Adjustable safety bars with 12 different settings (Maximum Load 180kg - 200kg)
  • Extra strong 1.5mm thickness Q195 steel frame


Barbell are used in weight training, which are popular with people who want to build their biceps, chest, shoulders, back, and forearms. Our 3 piece barbell bar and spinlock collars grips ensure weight plates are held firmly in place, these 2 collars prevent the weight plates from sliding or falling of the barbell. Spinlock collars provide a quick release while still more that capable of holding weight plates in place, enabling you to maximize your workout. 


  • High quality solid chrome finish barbell bar 1680mm / 66" x 25mm
  • 2 x 1" solid chrome spinlock collars (comes in a pair)
  • Weights are covered with a durable, floor friendly plastic covering 


2 x 1" Solid Chrome Spinlock Collars (each 500g) = 1kg

1 x 66" Solid Chrome Barbell Bar = 4kg

4 x Synthetic Bar Weights each 10kg = 40kg

2 x Synthetic Bar Weights each 5kg = 10kg

2 x Synthetic Bar Weights each 2.5kg = 5kg

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