Yoga Lover's Gift Hamper in a Presentation Wicker Basket

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Our TnP Accessories Yoga Hamper makes a perfect gift for yoga & meditation lovers. All items come in a beautifully wrapped in a basket with clear cellophane & red ribbon, perfect for presentation as a gift. 

Yoga Socks: These socks are specifically designed for Yoga and Pilates, to offer better balance, stability and control during physical workouts.

Yoga Brick Block: The Yoga brick is used for cushioning within inversions. The block ensures extra stability and support during yoga or Pilates exercises.

Foam Roller: The eco-friendly foam roller has is of high density, which has been shown by research to be the most optimal in applying pressure to the major muscles groups, such as the back, hamstrings and it band. 

Lacrosse Ball: The lacrosse ball allows 360-degree movement and even more specific targeting for more awkward areas, that require deeper pressure and are difficult to reach. 

Yoga Towel: Ultra-fine micro fiber fabric with special knitted technology makes this towel more skin smooth for yogis. To enhance the function, patented energy dots with micro skid less particle are arranged to cohere on the surface.

Latex Resistance Band: Bands are versatile, easy on the joints, and target muscle groups with controllable, constant tension. 

Natural Bamboo Wicker Basket

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