Medicine Exercise Ball 10Kg

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Shop TnP Accessories Medicine Ball 10kg for sale online with free UK delivery. TnP medicine balls are made from texturized rubber for additional grip. Perfect for improving hand eye co ordination, flexibility, balance and abdominal strength. Shop our medicine balls and other functional accessories today.
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TnP Accessories Medicine Exercise Ball

The TnP Medicine Ball is a great addition to any home or gym and is produced rubber compound material. The ball is easy to clean and has a 2-tone design. It is a fantastic tool for rehabilitation and strength training.

This high quality ball improves the core strength, range of motion, agility and balance. In addition, it has a textured surface ensuring an anti slip grip for added safety. The ball is ideal for exercise such as medicine ball push-ups, v-ups, overhead slams, bicep curls, tricep extensions, circle squats, step jumps, reaching Romanian deadlifts, rock and roll and shoulder presses. Colour coded multi-purpose training balls. Ideal for strength training, improving hand ee-co-ordination, flexibility and balance. Excellent rehabilitation product used in conjuction with a gym ball.


•Textured Rubber Surface provides Additional Grip

•Easy To Clean

•Manufactured from Highest Quality Rubber

•An excellent tool for a complete body workout

•Perfect for strengthening shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as improving abdominal strength

•Can help to improve hand-eye coordination, flexibility and balance.

•Provides weight resistance through a full range of unrestricted natural motions - including throwing, swinging and rotation.

•Use in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

•Color tone may varies. 

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