Ankle Wrist Weight Straps Adjustable Black / Grey 2 x 3Kg

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Shop TnP Accessories Adjustable Ankle Weights 3kg pair for sale online with free UK delivery. These ankle weights are perfect for on the go resistance training and can be worn anywhere, helping your burn extra calories easily. Shop now!
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Ankle Wrist Weight Straps Adjustable Black / Grey 2 x 3Kg

Wrist Ankle Weights 3Kg made from durable material and soft to wear for longer periods of time.

Wrist Ankle weights are best accessory to help boost your training by providing extra resistance, this increases your stamina and tone your muscles.

They can also be used for general weight loss purpose by simply wearing them during your day to burn more calories. They are most effective for endurance training, running, weight training, toning or for weight loss. Velcro fastening Secure Velcro fits nicely to keep stable while moving. Please note both are only available in Plain Black color soon picture will be updated.

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