Bulgarian Weighted Power Bag 5Kg

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Shop TnP Accessories Bulgarian Bag 5kg for sale online with free UK delivery. These weight power bags are perfect for functional training including leg lunges, squats, presses, farmers walks and more. Available in 5kg to 25kg sizes. Shop our weighted power bags today!
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Tnp Bulgarian Weighted Power Bag 5kg - Yellow

High quality weighted training power bag. Designed for optimum comfort and durability. Heavy duty design features strong handles to prevent tears during use.

Perfect for both beginners and advanced workouts. Great for squats, dead lifts, forward lunges, bicep curls and more. Designed for comfort and safety while providing effective results. Great for toning and strength training. Power bag training is a crossover between Olympic lifting, medicine ball exercises and core stability training. 

Perfect for improving strength, stability and endurance. What Is a Bulgarian Training Bag? Depending on your exercise selection, the Bulgarian Training Bag can be used to target the legs, shoulders, core, upper back, triceps, biceps, and forearms. Even though it was originally developed for wrestlers, the Bulgarian training bag is an excellent fitness tool for everyone. If you do home workouts for overall health, a full body program can easily be designed around this one piece of equipment. 


•Great for toning & strength training 

•High quality 

•Heavy duty builds for comfort & durability 

•Great for squats, dead lifts, bicep curls & more 

Sizes and Colour

5Kg, Yellow 


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