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Mastering The Jump Rope

Don't fear the rope. This fighter favorite scorches calories and blasts your calves, forearms and shoulders.

Melting away bodyfat at record rates, the jump rope helps you build those stubborn calves while also putting a hurting on several other muscle groups. "Yes, the main muscles that you're working are your calves but you activate a lot more muscle than you may think," says Brian Peeler, NASM-CPT and trainer on Bravo's hit reality show Workout. "But you're also using your shoulders—particularly your rear delts—as well as your abs, quads, hamstrings. Pretty much every muscle is firing when doing this exercise to keep your body stable."

How It's Work

Consider that jumping rope at a moderate pace will burn approximately 16 calories per minute for a 200-pound man. Work that into 10 three-minute rounds and you're looking at 480 calories during your session.

Getting It Right

Starting Slow

Peeler says the best way to start getting the most out of the jump rope is to start slow.

"This it takes a lot of coordination so don't think you can just get in there and be like Rocky," he cautions. "Try to start just by swinging the rope over your body, aiming to just jump the rope once. After you do this and understand how the rope reacts you are ready to kick it up."

Listening to the Rope

Four-time boxing world champion "Sugar" Shane Mosley—an expert on the rope—offers this advice: "Don't rotate with your arms. Use your wrists and let the rope glide around you. Don't fight it. I listen to the rope, too, and jump when I hear the sound. My feet barely come off the ground—just enough to let the rope slide under. And I'm always on the balls of my feet."


Once you nail the cadence of the simple skip, try alternating feet. Bounce slightly side to side or front to back with each revolution of the rope. Eventually, you can graduate to double-unders, where the rope passes under your feet twice with each jump.

Skill Sport

And let us not forget the "cool" factor. While the rest of the crowd relegates itself to Treadmill Lane for its cardio, you can be in front of the mirror with your iPod cranked up practicing a skill while getting a workout.

"No one became a jump rope star over night," says Peeler. "So keep at it and before you know it you will be ripping it up."


  • Specially designed for cross training to produce competitive advantages in speed, quickness, agility and anaerobic conditioning.
  • This rope is perfect for mastering those intricate arm and leg cross-over skills you always wanted to perform.
  • Comes with a Foam grip and a 8.5' completely vinyl cord.
  • With the new ABEC-3 bearing for twist free action, adjusting length is incredibly easy.
  • UK's best seller and coaches love it! For the past decade this freestyle rope has been the choice among the top competitive athletes in the sport of jump rope.
  • These competition jump ropes are perfect for mastering those intricate arm and leg cross-over skills you always wanted to perform.
  • Made for both adults and children who seek the fitness and/or competitive edge.

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