Cotton Jump Rope Green

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Shop TnP Accessories Cotton Jump Rope Green for sale online with free UK delivery. This high quality cotton jump rope is durable and made from premium cotton, allowing it to be ideal for home gym workouts. Increase your cardiovascular output and burn more calories by adding jump rope exercises to your fitness regime! Shop now.
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TNP Accessories Cotton Skipping Rope

An effective, easy and fun way to optimise cardiovascular conditioning while maximising coordination, agility, timing and endurance. Jumping rope tones muscles in the entire body can burn unto 1,000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible.

  • STRENGTH & TONE (muscle while increasing cardiovascular health)
  • Aerobic Activity: Increase endurance, promote weight loss
  • Strength Training: Increase muscle, add definition
  • Core Boost: Strength core muscle groups, boost performance
  • Fit Flexibility: Enhance flexibility, improve balance


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