Foam Heavy Duty Hand Grip Set - Red

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TnP Accessories Foam Heavy Duty Hand Grip Set - Red, Developing grip strength movements help to develop the muscles of the wrists and forearms.
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TnP Accessories Foam Hand Grips 

Developing grip strength movements help to develop the muscles of the wrists and forearms. However, if one is wanting to maximise grip strength to the fullest possible extent, over a shorter period, it would be wise to employ one particular strategy - a strategy that achieves the full range of gripping motion, which ensures the greatest increases in strength and size.

The TNP Accessories Foam Hand Gripper is one apparatus that can achieve both of these things while providing a rewarding workout experience. The type of grip strengthened with the gripper is crushing grip. 

Why TNP Accessories Foam Hand Gripper?

Enhance Weight Training Workouts: If a particular exercise is becoming increasingly harder, as the weight for that movement exponentially increases, chances are grip strength is one limiting factor responsible for compromising form. For example, on the deadlift, the single greatest total-body mass builder, gripping strength is essential. Sure, wraps can be used, but this is time consuming, and takes away from the total strength building component of the movement.

It is better to strengthen the grip, and confidently lift the weight without any physical restriction. Strong wrist and hands also assist with weight stabilisation. A heavy weight places major stress on the wrist area, and this can also serve as a limiting factor. A solid grip, on the other hand, enables one to balance massive weights with greater confidence.

Build Impressive Forearm Muscles: In addition to the flow on effect of greater forearm growth, as a result of superior gripping strength across all upper body movements, the act of gripping a specially designes gripper will directly target the forearms. It is fair to say that any bodybuilder would be happy with a well developed set of forearms.

The strength required to close a gripper will literally force the entire forearm complex to contract at a higher degree of intensity, compared to any other single movement.


Smooth, Easy to Use, Action
Strong Material
Foam: Constant tension is placed on the muscle due to a uniquely developed resistance mechanism
Tested for Strength
Easy to Carry
Foam Grip: Perfect for high - repetition endurance training
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