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Latex Resistance Bands 500*50*0.9mm Grey





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  • Dimensions: Approx: 20cm (L) x 5cm (W) 0.5cm (H)
  • Material: Latex
  • Category: Best seller
  • Weight: 0 kg

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Different levels of resistance to choose from, each loop is Random Colour and labelled choose the single loops to suit your needs.

SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - these TnP resistance loop bands are great for women and men of all fitness levels. Each exercise band offers a different level of resistance making it possible to work muscles throughout the whole body progressively and safely. Use any one band individually or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance for you.

HELP WITH REHABILITATION AFTER AN INJURY - If you've got achy joints, or are slowly recovering from an injury, bands are a lower-impact option to build muscle while keeping your joints out of harm's way.

WORKOUT BENEFITS - TnP Resistance bands are versatile, easy on the joints, and target muscle groups with controllable, constant tension.

FLEXIBLE - Best exercise bands for CrossFit, Insanity, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and ideal for increasing strength and mobility. Use of resistance bands can help to strengthen stabilizing muscles which may help to prevent injury or assist greatly in injury rehabilitation.

PREMIUM QUALITY - TnP exercise bands are durable and built to last. They can be stretched repeatedly year after year and are made from high grade natural latex material which is kind to the environment.

KEEP FIT & USE THEM ANYWHERE - This portable exercise equipment is also easily stored, making it perfect for home use, hotel workouts, or when you’re tight on space at the gym. Just like free weights, exercise bands come in a range of resistance levels, from highly stretchable to heavy-duty strength.

Latex 500*50*0.3mm 

Latex 500*50*0.35mm

Latex 500*50*0.4mm 

Latex 500*50*0.45mm 

Latex 500*50*0.5mm 

Latex 500*50*0.55mm 

Latex 500*50*0.6mm 

Latex 500*50*0.65mm

Latex 500*50*0.7mm 

Latex 500*50*0.9mm

Latex 500*50*1mm

Latex 500*50*1.2mm 

Latex 600*50*0.3mm 

Latex 600*50*0.35mm  

Latex 600*50*0.4mm  

Latex 600*50*0.45mm 

Latex 600*50*0.5mm 

Latex 600*50*0.55mm 

Latex 600*50*0.6mm

Latex 600*50*0.65mm 

Latex 600*50*0.7mm  

Latex 600*50*0.8mm 

Latex 600*50*0.9mm 

Latex 600*50*1mm 

Latex 600*50*1.2mm 

Latex 600*50*1.5mm   

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