2" Olympic Bar Support Pad Pink

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Protect shoulders and neck with our easy clean nylon support pad, for Olympic and standard barbell, eliminate pain, don't let injury stop your exercise regime
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TnP Accessories 2" Olympic Bar Support Pad

Are you frustrated by not being able to load up the bar with bigger weights because of the pain from the bar itself!? If so the TnP Accessories pro grade barbell pad could be the perfect solution for you.

If you're struggling to make progress in your workouts because of discomfort in the areas you support the barbell and not the muscles then this is a waste of your time and energy! But this can easily be fixed... Our top of the range squat bar pad cushions the weight by evenly distributing it across a wider surface area.

  • A quick on-off with full length velcro closure strip
  • Nylon surface which repels sweat but won't slip or slide
  • One size fits all design perfect for any common size of barbell - 1" standard OR 2" Olympic barbell
  • Thick high density foam to support and cushion the weight

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