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TNP Accessories Yoga Wheel       

Yoga Wheel use with Multiple Yoga Exercises that will add a new dimension to your routine - Helps to stretch and release built up tension in various body parts including chest, back shoulders, core and hips - Robust PVC Inner Tube with Soft TPE Foam Shell for Comfort & Safety - Pilates Yoga Wheel.         

Designed to improve your yoga sessions, helping you to release muscle tension and help stretch the back, chest, shoulders, core and hip flexors         

Perform deeper, fuller stretches to take your yoga routines to another level         

Provides a variation to many Yoga and Pilates positions that will add a new dimension to your programmed         

Yoga Wheel is made of high strength and durable materials, 13″in diameter x 5″in width. Lightweight and portable allowing you to do your yoga inside and outside.     



TnP Yoga Wheel Package Includes:         

1 x Yoga Wheel (PVC Inner Tube with Soft TPE Foam Shell)         

TnP Yoga Wheel is an excellent piece of equipment to complement your Yoga routine. Yoga Wheels are becoming very popular in the USA. Yoga enthusiasts are loving their versatility and are being enjoyed by beginners, intermediate and advanced users.         

Your TnP Yoga Wheel can help with a number of yoga stretching poses such as;   



2 Foot Inverted Staff         

Hollow backs         

Full Pigeon         

Forearm Stands         



The TnP Yoga Wheel can help expand your chest, stretch your spine, increase back flexibility, open your shoulders and improve your balance. 


Another benefit of the TnP Yoga Wheel is toning your core and developing your abdominal muscles. Perform core exercises such as: Arm & Leg Extensions Planks Leg Raise (single & double) Hip Extensions


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