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TNP Accessories Resistance Bands Full Set Of 6 Bands

The resistance band is excellent when used as light assisted pull up hands. A multipurpose band for many functional training, strengthening and stretching exercise - particularly for larger muscle groups.


Resistance Bands Are Great For:

Squats and Bench Work

Reverse Band Bench Presses

Band Pushdowns

Band Leg Curls

Ankle Training

Dynamic Squatting

Reverse Band Deadlifts

Band Pushups 


Resistance Bands are safer and more effective than free weights because free weights only supply a downward force whereas resistance bands generate a force in an infinite variety of angles that strengthens and tones safer and more effectively.  

Resistance bands provide variable isotonic exercises, the resistance gradually changes throughout the range of motion. 

With bands the tension increases the more you stretch them, this is much more effective than traditional weights. 

Many Resistance band exercises are geared towards functional training using complex movements of several muscle groups, instead of isolating one muscle at a time. 

Unlike free weights, resistance bands do not create momentum which is the cause of many injuries when the weight keeps moving but the ligaments and tendons do not



Black: 2.3cm Width + 40' Length + 0.4cm Thick  

Red: 1.3cm Width + 40' Length + 0.4cm Thick  

Purple: 3.1cm Width + 40' Length + 0.4cm Thick 

Green: 4.6cm Width + 40' Length + 0.4cm Thick  

Orange: 8.4cm Width + 40' Length + 0.4cm Thick

Blue: 6.4cm Width + 40' Length + 0.4cm Thick


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