Spiky Massage Ball - Green 9cm

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Shop TnP Accessories Spiky Massage Ball - Green 9cm for sale online with free UK delivery. This massage ball is excellent for yoga, muscle stretching and relaxation and breaking loose those muscle knots or any restricted blood flow around the body. Perfect for post training recovery and deep stretching.
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TNP Accessories Spiky Massage Ball

TNP Accessories Spiky Massage Ball for massage, relaxation exercises, hand therapy and reflexology.

When to use it

Apply in circular motions for a firm massage and to improve circulation.

Stimulate muscle reflexes to ease tension and provide relaxation of the body.

How it Works

Use for a self massage or with assistance to treat back pain, improve circulation, stimulate muscles and ease tension. Individual sizes are specifically designed to target different areas of the body. The large 10cm blue is for use on the back, the 8cm yellow for the arms and lower legs and the 6cm orange for massaging the hands and feet. Can be purchased individually or as part of a set for instant massage therapy.

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