TnP Accessories Tri-Grip Barbell Dumbbell Weight Plate Set - 60Kg

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  • High quality solid chrome finish bar and collars 
  • 18" Non-slip solid grip bar 
  • 1" solid spinlock collars (comes in a pair) to eansure weights remain securely on the bar 
  • Grips on the bar have a non-slip webbed finish 
  • Weights are covered with a durable, floor friendly plastic covering
  • Tri-Grip weight plate design
60KG SET Includes:
Total weight includes the weight of dumbbell & barbell bars
4 x 1.25KG Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Plates
6 x 2.5KG Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Plates
6 x 5KG Tri-Grip Vinyl Weight Plates
2 x 18" Chrome Finish Solid Dumbbell Bars
1 x 5' Solid Chrome Finish Barbell Bar
6 x 1" Spinlock Collars

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