TnP Accessories Adjustable Multi Use Weight Bench - XQSB-53

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TnP Accessories Adjustable Weight Bench -White- XQSB-53

An extremely versatile utility bench. Due to the impressive 300kg weight rating, this bench is suitable for the absolute beginner and the experienced athlete alike. A clear set of instructions are provided to ensure easy and frustration-free assembly.

A preacher pad helps to keep the arm motionless while the forearm flexes. It also brings the elbows forward to the front of the body, shortening the biceps muscles and keeps the emphasis on the brachialis muscle, which is part of your lower biceps. The brachialis aids the flexion of your elbow.

The preacher pad is adjustable to 5 different heights (91cm-111cm). The pin allows you to quickly and securely adjust the height or completely remove the pad.

The leg curl also isolates the hamstrings and works the knee flexion function of the muscles. Because the lying leg curl exercise works the hamstring muscles so directly with a very concentrated contraction, that makes it an absolute must for bodybuilding and physique development.

The plate loader can be used with both Standard 1inch and also Olympic size plates. The included springlock clips ensure the weight stays firmly attached.

The seat is adjustable to 3 different heights (50cm - 61cm). The pin allows you to quickly and securely adjust the height.

Capable of 6 different positions, from incline through flat to decline, you can quickly and simply adjust the angle to suit a range of different exercises.


Flat packed size/weight: 115cm x 49.5cm x 22.5cm / 25.55kg

Assembled dimensions: 186cm x 64cm x 56cm / 23kg

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