Cork Yoga Mat 6mm Thick

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Shop TnP Accessories Cork Yoga Mat 6mm for sale online with free UK delivery. Made from cork, this yoga mat is eco friendly, sustainable and a comfortable alternative to foam yoga mats. Shop our yoga mat collection now.
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TnP Accessories Cork Yoga Mat 6mm Thick

TnP cork yoga mat provides an amazing non-slip, anti-bacterial and natural surface for your yoga practice with grip that actually increases as you sweat. The best yoga styles for this mat are hot/bikram yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga. Our mats are also great for Pilates and any sort of sweaty cardio exercises. 

Directions for use: lay your mat flat with the rubber side down. The rubber has small ridges in the bottom layer to make the mat grip to the floor effectively.

  • Easy to roll up like a conventional yoga mat.
  • Do not fold or crease your CorkYogis cork yoga mat.
  • Easy to clean surface: roll out flat and wipe down the surface with warm water with soap, a standard cleaning spray can also be used. Leave out until the surface is dry, then roll up as usual.
  • Roll so that cork is on the outside and the rubber surface is on the inside of the mat.
  • Comes with an easy to carry adjustable strap
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