Hollow Arrow Foam Roller - Neon Light Green

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The TNP Accessories foam roller is a long cylinder made of foam with higher density and stronger foam built to last. It is approximately 33cm long x 14cm in diameter. Your body weight is used to provide pressure when lying or sitting on the foam roller. Rolling your muscles along the foam roller help break up adhesions that form on your muscles, much like a massage. The foam roller, which is ideal for using on hard to reach areas, provides more relief and benefits than simple static stretching might.
How to Use It?
The roller can provide relief to the iliotibial band, which is commonly injured or overworked in athletes. It can also offer relief to other muscles that have knots or muscles tightness. To use the roller, start by lying on your side with your body perpendicular to the roller while supporting yourself on your elbow. Roll from the top of your hip down the lateral side of your thigh towards your knee. As you roll, search for areas of tension, which may also feel painful. You can either pause on those areas to help release some of the tension, or apply long, sweeping strokes up and down the muscle you're focusing on. Though the foam roller can be used on any muscle, depending on where your soreness is located, never use the roller to put pressure on bones.
  • V-shape "Arrow" designed for a smoother, gentler rolling experience
  • Targeted nodules designed for a deeper, more intense rolling experience
  • Softer EVA foam wrapped around an incredibly strong, hollow PVC core allows for comfort anddeeper access to muscles where you want it
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