Olympic 2" Shrug Bar with Spring Collars

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TnP Accessories Professional Olympic Hex Trap Shrug Bar:


While deadlifting with standard barbells has always been a great way to build muscle tone and the raw power associated with sprinting, the usual equipment for this type of exercise comes with a risk of injury. Since you have to lift backwards as well as up while powerlifting, the center of your body weight is off, meaning you’re more likely to hurt your back or knees. Plus, you might not get as fulfilling a work out. This is why TnP Accessories is proud to offer you the Olympic hex bar, a high-quality piece of equipment capable of holding 300kg with 2-inch weights. The unique design places your arms to your sides instead of in front of you, enabling you to only lift upward to condition and gain muscles. These hexagon bars are suitable for many different types of bodybuilding activities, such as squats and traps, and are made with a durable silver chrome surface. Complete with both hex and high hex bar features for your preferred lifting style, the handles are knurled for a secure grip to further reduce risk of injury. We at TnP Accessories fully believe in providing premium equipment for all fitness and health goals, and that these practical hex bars will aid in lasting transformations.


Product Details:


Olympic Hexagon Shrug Bar

Weight Capacity: 300kg

New Weight: 20KG

Gross Weight with Packaging: 23KG

Accommodates 2” Weights

Size: 56" x 24" x 5" approximately

Material: Silver Chrome Surface with Knurled Handles


Professional and Durable Weightlifting Equipment: Our 20kg trap bars are made with a high-quality silver chrome surface, with long-lasting knurled handles. They will suit your needs whether you are training in your garage, or you’re a gym owner.


Powerful Conditioning Hex Bars: With the ability to hold up to 300kg to suit your personal needs, each Olympic hex bar accommodates 2-inch weights. This allows for appropriate weight variation when doing squats, deadlifts, shrugs or power pulls.


Two Options for Physical Activity: These hexagon barbells offer two different handles to suit your desired exercise regiment. They combine hex and high hex bar handles, which allows you to isolate desired muscle groups while weight lifting.


Strength and Safety: The octagon-shaped trap bars offer a more secure center when strength training, reducing risk of injury compared to standard bars. Additionally, the knurled surface of our handles provide a more secure grip during exercise.


Suitable for Anyone: In addition to being able to support a lot of weight, the hex barbell will fit anyone, men or women. Each bar is 56" in total length with a 23" x 23" wide opening. The solid craftsmanship allows for commercial and private use.

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