Yoga Straps 190cm - Red

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Shop TnP Accessories Red Yoga Straps for sale online with free UK delivery. Our yoga straps can help deepen your leg stretches, correct alignment and extend reach. Made with natural cotton, our straps are lightweight but sturdy, with a metal D ring. Approximately 190cm in length, available in a wide range of colours.
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TnP Accessories Yoga Straps 190cm

The simplest of all props, the TnP Accessories® yoga strap can help deepen your leg stretches, correct your alignment and extend your reach. It is a great prop to take your yoga practice to new levels.         

It also helps improve flexibility and measure your progress at the same time. At a thicker spec this belt provides extra comfort and ease of use.         

Very beneficial for holding stretches, the TnP Accessories® 100% cotton strap is ideal for those new to yoga and who require a safe and easy way to hold more difficult yoga stretches with maximum comfort.                


  • Material: 100% Natural Cotton.
  • Metal D-Ring Size: 190cm (L), 3.8cm (W) approximately.
  • Lightweight but sturdy, with a strong metal buckle that allows you to adjust the length.
  • Extending and deepening reach in yoga posture
  • Colours: Pink, Purple, Black, Red & Light Khaki    
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